Orange County And Seminole County Judgment Enforcement Attorneys: LLC’s, LP’s, LLP’s, LLLP’s And GP’s

Smart business owners use a variety of legal mechanisms and strategies to limit their exposure to liabilities. Through the formation of business entities such as Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) and other corporate structures, businesses may in certain circumstances shield their personal assets from exposure to business debts and liabilities.

Despite the strong protections offered by LLC’s and other corporate structures, the protections provided are not absolute. At Sasso & Sasso, P.A., we have experience assisting clients who need to enforce judgments against business owners who have attempted to limit their exposure to business debts and liabilities. We also assist owners of LLC’s and other business entities who need help protecting their rights and assets. We represent clients in judgment enforcement actions concerning these and other business entities:

  • Limited liability companies (LLC’s)
  • Limited partnerships (LP’s)
  • Limited liability partnerships (LLP’s)
  • Limited liability limited partnerships (LLLP’s)
  • General partnerships (GP’s)

Judgment enforcement actions are uniquely complex and require the attention of experienced counsel. You can rely on Sasso & Sasso, P.A., for skilled and knowledgeable counsel. To speak with an attorney at our firm about the enforcement of a judgment, contact our law office in Winter Park or Lake Mary, Florida.

Protect Your Rights

Whether you have obtained a judgment against a business owner or need help as a business owner to protect your rights, the attorney you choose is important. Most attorneys focus on obtaining judgments, but only a small percentage of attorneys have experience enforcing or opposing the enforcement of judgments against LLC’s, LP’s, LLP’s and related corporate entities.

While LLC’s, LP’s and LLP’s are specialized entities for protecting assets from creditors, there are ways for judgment creditors to enforce their rights. Our attorneys are highly adept at using charging orders, writs of garnishment and proceedings supplementary to enforce judgments. We also have experience helping business owners protect their rights. As a client of Sasso & Sasso, P.A., you will have a strong advocate on your side.

Contact An Orlando Judgment Recovery Lawyer

From our offices in Winter Park and Lake Mary, we serve clients throughout Florida. To schedule a consultation with an Orange County and Seminole County judgment enforcement lawyer at Sasso & Sasso, P.A., call 407-644-7161 or contact us by email.